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Age Old Concerns Related to Conditions of Aging

Posted on 11 June, 2014 at 16:29 Comments comments (326)
Geriatric Aesthetics© addresses many items related to the term Aesthetics as it is understood in today's practice. It should first be recognized that the centuries old origin and meaning of the word 'Aesthetic' is specifically related to the 'philosophy of Beauty'. And the word is of French derivation. 

The term Geriatrics was originally coined to represent the medical care of the older adult population in their 80's. We are stretching its original definition to create an umbrella term for older adults 60 and above. It is a term like pediatrics only specific to the conditions of aging which start long before people reach their 80's. The goal is to identify and address these earlier so they can be managed and people can live more easily WITH them as they age. 

With regard to Geriatric Aesthetics© we must not only consider the external appearance of physical features  but also the mental image perceived in relation to behaviors, capabilities or lack there of. Unless one has mastered the ability of not taking anything personally, the way we perceive ourselves and the way others define the way we look to them directly correlate. In that connection we derive our self-worth. And low self-worth directly correlates to poor physical health and well-being. 

In the specialty of Geriatric Aesthetics© we must take into consideration the total person. Whether male or female, mental, physical and spiritual~ the whole person is what matters. 

As we "look" at any individual including ourselves, we learn to take into account their physical likenesses and differences from us or if implied by accident, illness or misperceived image as in Body dismophic disorder our own self-perception must be healthy and whole. 

In Geriatric Aesthetics you will learn more about the psychology of Appearance and how the way we feel about the way we look affects and effects our ability to THRIVE. You will learn ways to conquer old thoughts of not being enough and replacing them with beliefs that lift up and ensure the inner strength needed for a healthy body, mind and soul. Although this is not a course based in spirituality alone, if you do not include the spirit in learning you cannot serve anyone fully. 

More topics include the physical conditions of aging and the mental health conditions of aging. 
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