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Natural vs. Synthetic Cosmetic Products

Posted on 25 June, 2013 at 11:04 Comments comments (683)
The question that is commonly asked by consumers and professionals is, "Which is better?" Are natural products more effective than synthetic products when it comes to skin care? The fact is there are few studies that compare and contrast the two chemistries in light of this particular question. In fact, some companies  are currently interested in studying this exact question. 
The term "natural" may be divided into at least 3 marketing categories: Authentically Natural, Natural-like and Faux Natural. 
Authentic Naturals are made from ingredients that have been grown in just the right soil, most include no insecticides and the crops are moved with each planting so the soil stays pure. They are distilled appropriately and packaged in dark bottles so that the ingredients are not compromised in any possible way. They have a limited shelf life because no preservatives other than natural ingredients to preserve are used in their manufacturing process. These products are also costly since they are highly specialized and limited in supply and demand. Used for centuries by people all over the world who do not have access to manufactured products there are many claims of healing and relief of many ailments. However, from a clinical perspective for people with allergies and sensitivities to nature and raised on synthetic products, these may be more likely to cause asthma, eczema or other rashes. However, some people who are highly sensitive to chemical ingredients may fare well with naturals. 
Natural-like products are more common and more available. These are products which boast the benefits of the  "Natural Ingredients" contained in the formula. But they are blended with synthetic ingredients to give bulk and preserve those same natural ingredients. Often the proclaimed ingredients are in fact minimal in the formulation. 
Faux Natural products use artificial color and fragrance and the bottle may even be shaped like the fruit or flower it is fashioned after. These are chemically manufactured and convincingly FUN! 

Which ever you choose to use, If you have a history of sensitivities, ALWAYS TEST the product in a small area, the size of a quarter,  inside your  arm and above the elbow before applying to a larger area or your face.